January 2020

How strange it is to start a new year in the still white of winter.  Where above ground, the world is at rest.  When below ground, roots dig deeper into the darkness.  Only the stars are brightest in winter.  Let us lie dormant, and we will see what springs forth when the earth is bright again.

wing * stone *ephemera

Amulets to Protect and Portend

Jewelry Handmade in ABQ, NM, USA

Jessica deGruyter

Amulets to Protect & Portend


Jewelry Handmade in ABQ, NM, USA


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The world is divided into quarters. There are four times of day, four directions, four seasons, and four times of life. The sun Dawns in the East; Autumn follows Summer, and Death leaves room for Rebirth. The cycle persists. It spirals toward hope for the future and into memories of the past—let us take a moment to consider the present. A nebula of soft gems and snake skin incubate clouds of pink and grey enamel drops. silver fabrication, enameled copper, tourmaline, "Heredura diamond".

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