January 2020

How strange it is to start a new year in the still white of winter.  Where above ground, the world is at rest.  When below ground, roots dig deeper into the darkness.  Only the stars are brightest in winter.  Let us lie dormant, and we will see what springs forth when the earth is bright again.

wing * stone *ephemera

Amulets to Protect and Portend

Jewelry Handmade in ABQ, NM, USA

Jessica deGruyter

Amulets to Protect & Portend


Jewelry Handmade in ABQ, NM, USA


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Meteor Shower

The color of the sky is like glass--liquid and chimerical, it shifts with the movement of sun and cloud. We shall fill the internet with photos of atmospheric phenomenon--ordinary and exceptional, and still the color of the sky is most accurate in memory. Will you remember? Twinkling gems of opal and meteorite streak through night sky colored enamel drops. silver fabrication, enameled fine silver + 24k gold, boulder opal, tourmaline, meteorite, "Herkimer diamond", dragonfly wing, feather.

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