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New Work

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Zia Earrings

The world is divided into quarters.  There are four times of day, four directions, four seasons, and four times of life.  The sun Dawns in the East; Autumn follows Summer, and Death leaves room for Rebirth.  The cycle persists.  It spirals toward hope for the future and into memories of the past—let us take a moment to consider the present.

Metamorphose Earrings

The most cutting edge research into quantum physics suggests that this great reality is but a froth on the seething ocean of deep space-time.  As the map would warn, ‘Here be Monsters’.  Reach to the bottom, and bring forth a creature rebuilt.

Enamel Specimen Earrings

Like a specimen in a museum, a pair of ephemeral specimens is pressed between two pieces of acrylic that is hand-cut, hand-finished, and rescued from the waste stream. The flora and fauna is picked from Albuquerque sidewalks, Rio Grande beaches, lost backroads—indeed the urban environment. All specimens are humanely collected from deceased insects, or sustainable plant sources, and show signs of a life lived beautifully. The copper frames are playfully enameled and fired at 1450 degrees multiple times. It is all fettered together with tiny brass nuts and bolts, and hung from hand made sterling silver ear wires

Enamel Switch & Outlet Covers

When the shadows across the yard grow longer, and the days grow shorter, we await the nadir.  The sun will touch furthest south, and then swing back, like a pendulum. We beseech—“Do you miss us like we miss you?”—and light streets and quiet rooms with tiny fires.

Solid copper switch & outlet covers are playfully enameled and kiln fired at 1450°F multiple times.  These vitreous enamel surfaces evoke the joy of a neighborhood aglow during the darkest time of year.  How do you celebrate the season of lights?

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Amulets to Protect and Portend

Jewelry Handmade in ABQ, NM, USA

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