December 2019

The first day after a snowfall, the sky is hard, and a clean blue.  In the shade, snow heaps in rumpled, hoary masses—tracked through and muddy with exuberance; in the sunshine, it has simply vanished. 


The shadows across the yard grow longer; the days grow shorter.  We will await the nadir, when the sun will touch furthest south, and then swing back, like a pendulum. We beseech—“Do you miss us like we miss you?”—and light streets and quiet rooms with tiny fires.


December ends with a solar eclipse—a dark moon obscuring a remote sun.  It is a reminder to rest here.  The New Year will begin with brightening days and a growing moon.

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Amulets to Protect and Portend

Jewelry Handmade in ABQ, NM, USA

Jessica deGruyter

Amulets to Protect & Portend


Jewelry Handmade in ABQ, NM, USA


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Solar Eclipse

The color of the sky is like glass--liquid and chimerical, it shifts with the movement of sun and cloud. We shall fill the internet with photos of atmospheric phenomenon--ordinary and exceptional, and still the color of the sky is most accurate in memory. Will you remember? Black psilomelane occults sky blue aquamarine and the golden penumbra of tourmaline, sliding past the Baily's Bead sparkle of enameled silver and gold.